Philosophy of Education and Research

Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences

In 2005, the Graduate School of Agriculture and Biological Sciences was reorganized into the Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences with three divisions: Division of Applied Life Sciences, Division of Environmental Sciences and Technology, and Division of Veterinary Science.
Through advanced education and research methods recognized internationally in the fields of biosciences and biotechnology, we aim to identify and utilize various life processes in order to create and conserve the global environment as a living environment, and we aim to develop researchers capable of contributing to advanced research, technical development, and academic progress.

Since April 2009, we have opened a new building for biological education and research on the Nakamozu Campus aimed at improving academic study and promoting advanced research and development through faculty development. At the same time, the Department and Division of Veterinary Science, and the Veterinary Medical Center have transferred to our new Rinku Campus located on the shore across from Kansai International Airport. The veterinary sciences department is carrying out improved faculty development programs at the new facilities, which are equipped with the latest educational and research equipment.