Veterinary science

Veterinary science, a comprehensive science focused on animal treatment, tackles various issues deeply related to the health and safety of animals and humans and the welfare of the local society: (1) the enhancement of animal treatment, (2) the threat of amphixenosis due to the increase in the international movement of people and animals and also distribution of livestock products, (3) the improvement of livestock production efficiency using biotechnology, (4) the development of new medicine, and (5) the safety evaluation of foods and pharmaceuticals.

The Division of Veterinary Science aims to develop (1) specialists in veterinary learning, view, and technique who are capable of integrating specialized knowledge and technique in the domain of applied animal science, (2) specialists capable of contributing to the diagnosis and treatment of animals and public hygiene, and (3) international specialists capable of exhibiting innovative leadership in biomedical fields related to both animals and humans.

Since April 2009, the Division of Veterinary Science has transferred to our new Rinku Campus located on the shore across from Kansai International Airport. On this new campus, the Veterinary Medical Center and Education and Research Center for Experimental Animal Science have been housed in an education/research building under the department. The division is carrying out improved faculty development programs at the new facilities, which are equipped with the latest educational and research equipment.