Structural and Functional Biosciences for Animals


Our major objective is to disseminate the latest animal biological information. To achieve this goal, we conduct research, from both morphological and functional view points, into complicated and varied life processes regarding gene, protein, cell organelle, cell, tissue, and organism functions in animals while keeping in mind the differences in biomechanisms among species. We try to provide superior educational opportunities based on research and integrate this into a comprehensive body of knowledge.

Integrated Structural Biosciences

We aim to maintain the highest standards in educational and research activities for the (1) scientific and ethical knowledge and techniques of animal experimentation, (2) morphogenesis and structures of animal cells, tissues, and organs, and (3) pathema etiopathogenesis and pathomorphological changes.


Integrated Functional Biosciences

We disseminate the latest animal biological information for education and research into the life process control functions of molecules, cells, tissues, and living bodies and their mutual adjustment mechanisms.