Veterinary Environmental Sciences


We aim to maintain and improve quality of the life environment and the health of livestock, pets, and human beings from the veterinary science point of view. To achieve this goal, we educate and conduct research into harmful factors in terms of (1) their action mechanisms, influences and controls on the molecular, cellular, organismal, and group levels, (2) their relation to food safety, and (3) their analysis and evaluation using advanced techniques.

Bioenvironmental Sciences

We aim to maintain the highest standards in educational and research activities related to (1) factors in food and the environment in terms of their influences on organisms, their analysis and evaluation methods, and their relationships with immunity factors, (2) manifestation of toxicity, and (3) bio-defense mechanisms against pathogens.


Infectious Diseases Control

We aim to maintain the highest education and research standards related to infectious diseases in terms of their (1) characteristics and infection mechanisms, (2) symptom development and pathema, (3) risk to specific groups and (4) prevention and control.